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Overcoming Hijacking Moments

Episode 049

When Deb Olejownik was diagnosed with cancer she was in a new state without a network of friends and the diagnosis totally hijacked her emotions, her life, and her finances. She had no idea what fighting cancer would be like or how she would get through, but she knew she would get through. Eight months later, she rang the bell (a ceremony for being officially cancer-free) and realized she wanted to do more with her life.

"Now I wanna up my game. I have a second chance. I can do this!"

In this episode Deb shares some tips on maintaining composure when hijacking moments happen and how we can work through them. She teaches her three keys to disarming the triggers and discovering the gifts of the hijacking moment and explains how we can turn these moments around and ultimately use them to our benefit. 

Deb also talks about being hijacked by the debt created while having and fighting cancer. She went from being debt free to having to manage tens of thousands of dollars of medical debt. She says, “It was overwhelming and I felt like I was drowning in debt.” Yet, she found a way to stay strong.

Deb Olejownik has a masters in organizational leadership and she’s a certified leadership coach. She works with high achieving women who are successful, but at times they become hijacked with stress, frustration, self-doubt, criticism; and they are sick and tired of being threatened by burnout, self-doubt, and self-sabotage from hijacking moments which are those moments that happen instantly and unexpectedly and derail her from what she was on track to accomplish.
Deb can be reached through her website or by emailing Deb’s book “Bouncing Back! Overcoming Obstacles” can be found on Amazon.


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