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Suddenly Widowed

Episode 052

Margo and her husband pastored churches, owned a publishing company, were raising their boys, and had their future all planned out. While working late one evening she got a phone call from the police asking her to come home. Upon learning of her husband’s death she was both grateful for all the things they had done together and worried about what lie ahead.

"I knew at that moment that my future was going to change desperately because we were not prepared."

The life insurance policy renewal was sitting on her desk, unsigned. As a result she had no life insurance money and not nearly enough savings to live on long term. In the midst of her grief, Margo had to go back to work to care for herself and her teenaged son. In this episode she candidly shares how difficult things were after Bill’s passing and how much planning ahead, even just a little bit, would have changed her life. 

Dr. Margo Bush is an influential senior business analyst, consultant, coach, speaker and serial entrepreneur who is passionate about helping business owners thrive. As founder of consulting firms Don’t Do Business Alone (DDBA) and Don’t Do Church Alone (DDCA), Margo empowers small business owners and pastors with the in-depth analysis, practical solutions, and mindset coaching they need to successfully grow their organization in an ever-changing economy.

She is the author of inspirational business book Dream Big, Live Big, and is dedicated to equipping business owners with what it takes—not just to survive, but to truly thrive in the marketplace. Margo can be reached through her website or via email at


Margo chose not to wear a costume so I went for my classic pirate look. This time I picked red and have my trusty parrot, Pedro, on my shoulder.

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