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Practical Money Lessons for Kids

Episode 053

Samia is passionate about teaching others how to be good stewards of money. She’s devoted a chapter of her “Money Handbook” to helping us teach kids about money. During our discussion, one of the first lessons she recommends teaching children is how to give. She has some excellent suggestions on how to build a positive money culture in our homes and we talk about the importance of creating generational wealth.

"Generational wealth is more than just money."

Samia and I talk in depth about the how to create a culture of openness around money in our homes and how our words and behaviors affect our children. Samia teaches us what phrase to delete from our vocabulary and how to create a safe space so our children can ask for what they want and need without fear. We also get into how to handle the ever tricky topic of allowance.

Samia is an author and communicator with a passion to help you learn how to manage money and connect your faith to your finances. Raised in a traditional Jewish home in sunny South Florida, she carries a deep value for stewarding kingdom finances. With her experience in the finance and banking industry and later as a successful business owner, Samia shares her wisdom and knowledge from both a biblical and practical perspective.

Her book Money Handbook: Spiritual Keys and Practical Steps to Finance” is available on Amazon. Samia can be reached through her website,, and you can follow her on Instagram @moneyhandbook.


Samia chose “Wolf of Wall Street” as our theme. I was excited to do a new costume which I hadn’t done before and was able to find a tie similar to the one on the movie cover.

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Money Mantra: "If you can be trusted to steward money, you can be trusted with anything."


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