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Money on the Move

Episode 054

Laurie Ann Powell was the mom who did it all. Homeschooling the kids, active in her church, taking everyone to their practices and rehearsals. If there wasn’t anyone available to run an event everyone in the community knew they could count on Laurie Ann to pick up the slack. Her health was starting to fail and she was struggling to get through the day and then her husband was offered an opportunity through work to relocate with his family to Japan. 

"I was faced with this choice about whether I would live my dream or whether I would succumb to this health crisis."

She chose to go for it but at the same time her health was continuing to get worse and he was relying on her children to help her get through the day. Upon returning to the US a few years later, Laurie Ann began a quest to figure our how to provide healthy food and a healthy lifestyle for herself and her family. She improved her health and then began teaching other at-home moms how to cook for themselves and improve their health. This turned into a business and the money started flowing in… lots of it!

Suddenly they had to start thinking about being a good steward of all this money they now had. Laurie Ann realized she didn’t know how to make a decision when the money decisions weren’t based on whether or not they could afford something. Now she could afford many more things and she didn’t know how to figure out if they were items she wanted to needed. In this episode Laurie Ann shares how she reduced her overwhelm and fear and learned to make better money decisions by changing the money story in her head.


Laurie Ann is a Young Living Platinum Brand Partner, and an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and she is crazy about building crunchy, compassionate, connected community! Whether taking moms on a snug budget on a Grocery Store Menu Tour to show them healthy options, or leading a transformational workshop, her passion is to see you living your passion, and experiencing a radiant life.

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Laurie Ann told me she wasn’t big on costumes, but aprons are her thing and she wears one daily. I had recently received an apron with some family history and was thrilled to wear it for this episode. The history is that as a teenager, my mom made this apron for my grandfather. My grandmother kept it after he passed away many years ago. It came back to my mom after my grandmother passed last year and my mom sent it to me. I remember my grandfather wearing it and it even has food stains on the front.

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Money Mantra: "Money flows as a current, it is our responsibility to direct it."


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