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Risky Business

Episode 059

We’re frequently trying to figure out how to balance risk in our lives and in our finances. Sometimes if feels so complicated that we don’t even want to try. In this episode Certified Financial Planner, Patty Nuovo, walks us through the two types of financial risk (ownership and lending) and makes it easier to understand how risk works. She gives us tips on what to consider when investing other than “risk” and liquidity.

"What is going to be the value when you need it?"

Patty’s way of talking about money and investments is so straightforward and calm it’s clear why she’s been so successful in the financial world for so long and has a remarkable story. After graduating college at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, she began her career at Shearson American Express, and moved to another broker to become the first female registered representative ever hired at her firm in Philadelphia. She excelled in the financial world of the ‘80s in the Northeast where she received her certification as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and grew her practice through seminars and workshops for individuals and businesses.

In addition to her position as an investment executive and CFP at Janney Montgomery Scott, she was an adjunct faculty member at Gloucester County College teaching the investments for the College for Financial Planning. Her seminars on the concepts of money, investing, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and insurance were an integral part of her overall financial practice.

Patty has written two e-books about money and abundance and speaks across the US and Canada as a seminar leader and author of two e-Books: Soul Accounting: The Power of Money and Emotions and Solving the Riddle of the Money Mind in 4 Steps.


Patty’s office is inside a bank and midday costume changes weren’t really going to work for her. I opted for a sassy number including a wig I had for a while and wanted to try out.

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