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The Passion Economy

Episode 060

Avid horse rider and dog lover, Stephanie Krol, started out training to be a vet, but through a series of events and experiences she ended up spending over 20 years in higher education and several years in real estate. In this episode Stephanie and I discuss her journey from working in very traditional jobs to becoming an entrepreneur  and author and pursuing her passion.

"You're either working for someone else's dream or yours."

Several years ago when her dog was diagnosed with cancer and given only a few months to live, Stephanie was determined not to lose him. Using her extensive research skills she learned all she could about nutrition for dogs and managed to save his life. She became certified as a raw dog food nutritional specialist. Now she coaches dog owners on creating healthy diets for their pets and absolutely loves what she does. Stephanie is living proof that you really can live your passion.

Dr. Stephanie Krol’s favorite title isn’t Doctor, past Dean of Schools in Higher Education for For-profit Allied Health Schools, or current co-owner of a Real Estate School. Her favorite title is simple-dog owner. She will be the first to tell you her proudest accomplishment was saving her dog’s life, despite getting contradictory advice from top vets. Her boy is now living a vibrant and happy life filled with energy, love, and vitality. She teaches dog owners how to optimize their dog’s health by implementing a unique nutrition plan which is based in science and common sense.

For the latest updates you can reach out to Dr. Stephanie Krol at: or on Facebook @dogwellnesscoaching. Or book a free consultation directly on her website

Stephanie’s book “What the Pet Food Industry Is Not Telling You – Developing Good Practices for a Healthier Dog” is available on Amazon.


A dog costume was a pretty clear choice for Stephanie’s episode. When we first jumped on Zoom she complemented me on my nose and mouth makeup. Coming from such a dog lover that’s high praise in my book!

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Money Mantra: "Money flows to me with ease and grace when I do what I love."


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