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Watch Your Words

Episode 061

Does anyone want to be a person they don’t like? Probably not. So if our language around money, wealth, and being rich is negative we’ll find every way possible to avoid being one of those people. Financial advisor and women’s wealth advocate, Amy Getz, shares the importance of our money mindset and gives us some simple tools to help make money management a little less intimidating.

"Most of the time the money story people have really isn't their own. It's something that generated in their childhood."

Amy points out that money doesn’t change you. It enhances who you are. Good people with money do good things. The teaches us to pay attention to where our money is going so we can feel comfortable with both saving and spending. When we have a plan to follow all the guilt and weirdness goes away. She shares and abundance of tips on how to budget, automate, save, and have fun.

Amy Getz believes wealth and financial freedom are for everyone and is especially passionate about helping women know their worth.  She is a financial advisor with IRC Wealth, an SEC registered investment firm in Atlanta, GA, a CPA and a CDFA® (Certified Divorce Financial Analyst).  She is also the Money & Finance Chapter Director of the national What Women Want Networking organization.

Amy is on a mission to educate women about their finances and empower them to set big goals for their financial future.  Letting go of limiting beliefs around money and facing the real numbers allows women to quiet the stress loop in their mind and elevate everyone around them.  Wealthy women change the world. 

When she’s not working, Amy loves to travel with her family, connect with friends, or read a good book. Amy can be contacted by email or @amywgetzfinance on Insta or under Amy Getz on LinkedIn.


When I asked Amy about costumes, she said she wanted to wear her Viking hat. Sounded like a fabulous idea to me.

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Money Mantra: "Money flows easily and freely to me!"


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