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Hope is NOT a Strategy

Episode 062

The title of this episode, Hope is NOT a Strategy, is my very favorite quote from sales coach and founder of Bold Networking, Robert Johnson. Most new business owners are so excited about the possibilities of their business that they struggle to focus on the realities of their business. Even those of us who have been running a business for awhile are quite capable of convincing ourselves things are fine even when they may not be going so well.

"Am I lying to myself? Do I really have a business or not?"

In our discussion Robert and I cover some of the many mistakes the two of us have made in business, particularly the one where we thought our businesses would be our retirement plan and we didn’t need to save. Then we discuss how to fix and avoid making those mistakes yourself. Robert wisely brings up the power of having money set aside and not being the desperate person no one wants to date.

We also discuss the importance of having a business plan and holding yourself accountable just as if you had invested in a business you weren’t emotionally attached to, and were expecting a return on your investment. We even get to take a walk down memory lane and share about my first experiences with Bold Networking. All the way back to when I couldn’t even afford the membership dues.

Robert Johnson is the founder of Bold Networking and the Bold OS sales training. You can reach Robert directly by emailing or calling 918-928-7158. If you’d like to test drive one of his networking events or sales trainings for free email me at and I’ll hook you up.


Robert isn’t really a costume guy, but he is a wizard at sales and networking. That (and his joke about communicating via owl on his application form) inspired me to choose this wizard costume for his episode.

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