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Digital Marketing Tips

Episode 063

Most business owners know they should be doing some form of digital marketing. Typically we try it, maybe even spend some money on it, and then it doesn’t work! No results. Then we  become frustrated and give up. In this episode, digital marketing consultant, Tina Sorensen, shares her best tips and tricks for creating successful digital marketing campaigns without spending a small fortune.

“The more involved you can be the more successful the content is going to be.”

She also shares how to choose a digital marketer who is right for you and what platforms to target. We discuss where the right place to be is for business to business clients and the hidden gem of the digital marketing space, LinkedIn.

Tina Sorensen is a Digital and Online Marketing Consultant for TRu Solutions. She can be reached by calling or texting 303.880.0172.


Tina knew she wanted to do a costume, but she wasn’t sure which one. A few days later she messaged me with the idea of wearing a swim cap and goggles. I already had those on hand and jumped at the chance to use them for something other than swimming.

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Money Mantra: "Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time." - Henry Ford


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