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Quick Launch Your Business

Episode 066

When Bernadette’s husband was diagnosed with brain cancer he needed immediate brain surgery. When a friend asked if she wanted anything brought to the hospital the first thing she asked for was her work laptop and charger. The managers at her high-pressure corporate sales job had no sympathy for family situations and still expected her to carry on with her full work load. After trying to split her attention between the two she finally told her husband she was quitting and going all in on her side hustle of becoming a business coach.

“I’ve been playing in this world of side hustles for a year at this point. I don’t want to have a side hustle any more. I want to work this career, I wanna own my own company, and work for myself so I can take care of you.”

Her husband was all for it and within 4 months Bernadette had launched her coaching business and tripled her previous income. In this episode she shares her story and her tips on how to quick launch a profitable business without a fancy website, or a fully built course, or even business cards.

Bernadette Pannier is the CEO of Insta4Profit, founder of Millionaire Mavens, a sales trainer, and wife to a Viking. Follow Bernadette on Instagram and in her Facebook Group. You can book a discovery call with Bernadette directly on Calendly.

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I chose a musketeer inspired costume for this episode. Any day when I get to wear a big feathery hat and multiple necklaces is a good day for me. All for one and one for all!

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Money Mantra: "Luck is not a business plan."


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