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Dealing with Divorce

Episode 068

When David Huff got divorced the first time things were pretty straight forward. He and his wife were making about the same amount of money and they split their assets down the middle. When he got divorced the second time after being together for 14 years, things were very different. Now he was the primary breadwinner and they had a child together.

“You have to try as much as you can to take the emotion out of it and it’s very challenging.”

David candidly shares about the financial struggles of divorce like child support, alimony, who keeps the house, student loan debt, and the impact on personal spending money when paying for two households. We talk about what it’s like to have to choose whether to work or spend time with his daughter and how his battle was extra tough since he got divorced right as Covid ramped up in March of 2020.

David Huff has been in sales for over 20 year and he loves to grill and BBQ. You can find his instructional videos on YouTube @HuffDaddyBBQ. David can be reached via email at


David is such a wonderful guy. I decided to wear my Waldo costume to try to lighten up this oh so difficult topic. Then I threw in a crowded background in keeping with the classic Where’s Waldo theme.

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