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Taboo Millennial Money

Episode 069

Alexandra Vincelli is the host of the podcast, The Anxious Millennial, and in this episode she and I dig into the topic of millennials and money. They feel the pressure to live “the dream”. You know, get a stable job, settle down, buy a house, and so on, but the conventional paths to accomplishing that dream no longer exist. A college degree doesn’t guarantee a stable job, the housing market currently favors sellers, not buyers, and millennials are pausing to evaluate their lives and consider other options.

“It comes down to balance and valuing life outside of the proverbial office.”

Many millennials experienced money as a taboo topic while growing up as their parents were navigating the great recession and even basic money management skills weren’t being taught in schools. With social media influencers telling millennials they are missing out if they aren’t traveling the world, and parents pressuring them to get a stable job in a market where there’s a shortage of stable jobs, millennials end up feeling… well, anxious. Alex tells it like it is and the incredible resilience of millennials comes through in her stories. She also shares some tips on how to get the intergenerational money conversation started.

You can contact Alex by emailing Tune in to her podcast, The Anxious Millennial, wherever you listen to podcasts and follow her on Instagram @anxiousmillennialpodcast.


When Alex suggested we do a 1920s theme a was so excited. I had this dress in the closet for over a year and was just waiting for a reason to wear it. Her hair for the episode was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t believe how tall she got it to stand.

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