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What Your Cable Provider Doesn’t Want You to Know!

Episode 070

Almost everyone gets infuriated when they have to spend hours on hold trying to get their internet service working only to be told it’s going to cost extra money to receive the services promised. Rick Giambanco has worked in the telecommunications industry for over 10 years and shares his best tips and tricks for how to navigate through customer service and get what you want out of your provider.

“Every single representative at the store location level or at the customer location level has different promotions.”

The stories Rick shares about what he’s seen and how promotional deals work on the inside are really astounding. There are no rules on whether a representative has to give you deal or not! As part of the fin, without ever having told him my story before diagnoses my situation with trying to get our internet to work and tells me what I did right, what I might have missed, and how I could have gotten it resolved more quickly.

Rick Giambanco is part of Premier Solutions, Inc. which is a “Cost Reduction Company”. He can be reached by calling 954-591-9565 emailing rg@sflsolutions or through the company website


To me, a cable repair person seemed like a natural fit for this episode. I had some fun and added in a truck filled with gear in the background.

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