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The Five Pillars of Marketing

Episode 075

Marketing might seem like it’s all just a bunch of billboards and social media posts, but it’s actually much, much more. In this episode Mari-Liis Vaher, the founder of Powerful Marketers,  shares the five pillars of marketing as she teaches them to her clients and students.

“Marketing is intertwined with everything in your business.”

Mari-Liis explains what she means by mindset, fundamentals, professionalism, communication, and leadership. She emphasizes how having an excellent base in each of the five areas makes branding, marketing, decision making, and scaling the business easier and less stressful.

Mari-Liis is an international marketing and mindset coach and founder of Powerful Marketers. She has worked with business owners from 3 different continents by successfully teaching, inspiring and supporting them personally and professionally. With almost 20 years of practical, hands-on experience, Mari-Liis can empower business owners to be ready and well-equipped for any obstacle in their way!

With an MBA and more than 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur and helping B2C and B2B companies with their marketing, she is widely regarded as a top marketer in her industry, regularly appearing in national publications and speaking events. As a marketing and mindset coach for motivated business owners, her goal is to empower them professionally and personally.

She is also the host of the Powerful Marketing Tips podcast and Powerful Mastermind Club. If you’d like to connect with Mari-Liis you can do so on LinkedIn.


When my guest chooses not to wear a costume I try to come up with something I think matches them. When we got on Zoom to record Mari-Liis was amazed by the costume I’d chosen and asked if I knew the meaning of her last name. I didn’t. I chose this costume because I instinctively thought it matched with her. Turns out her last name, Vaher, means “maple” like the tree and I was wearing maple leaves as part of my woodland elf costume.

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Money Mantra: "Money is the natural side product of excellent marketing."


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