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Stopping Sex Trafficking

Episode 076

Amanda Catarzi was sex-trafficked for 6 months when she was in her early 20s. The grooming process was so gradual she didn’t even fully realize what had happened until years later. After a car accident and traumatic brain injury she finally broke free and now tells her story to raise awareness and save others.

“If you don't resolve trauma it always comes back up.”

TRIGGER WARNING: Amanda shares details of her story of being part of a circus family, growing up in a cult, and being sex trafficked. This episode may not be appropriate for all listeners.

Amanda was able to get the help she needed, work through her trauma, and now owns a very successful social media marketing company where she helps business owners find their voice and use it effectively. If you’d like to get in contact with Amanda she “lives on Instagram” and her handle is @amandacatarzi.

The resource she mentioned in Florida is Selah Freedom. Their hotline is 1-888-8-FREE-ME.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline is 1-888-373-7888.


Amanda wanted to be Wednesday Addams for our episode. Rather than try for Morticia I thought Gomez matched my natural features. Amanda complemented me on my look when she first saw it. That always makes my day!

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