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2021: A Year in Review

Episode 079

Solo episode! Last year’s solo episode, Hindsight 2020: A Year In Review, was a fan favorite so I chose to make it a tradition and record another one to wrap up 2021. I asked my audience via social media what questions you would like me to answer. I got some great ones which resulted in quite a few interesting personal stories including the one about my biggest business failure. After that failure I was all kinds of distraught but people started calling me and saying this: 

“Really sorry you guys closed, but... would you help me with?”

What else did I share in a 26-minute episode based on just three questions? Guess you’ll have to listen and find out. The questions I selected to answer during this episode were:

1. I’m interested in a summary or common elements or attitudes of your guests who are “at ease” with abundance.  From LaurieAnn Powell

2. What was the biggest financial obstacle you overcame and how did you do it?  From Tabitha L. Taylor

3. What have been your greatest triumphs and challenges with your podcasts, and how did you respond/react to them?  From Peter Biadasz

 A huge thank you to all those who submitted questions. If your question wasn’t selected for the episode I’ve sent you a personal answer via direct message.

Wishing everyone a fantastic 2022 and beyond!


Bought these fun glasses for a different episode and then didn’t end up using them. They seemed perfect for this one!

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