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Charging What You’re Worth

Episode 080

When Chris Rivera helps clients change their thinking he doesn’t focus on who they are now, he focuses on helping them become the person they want to be. We have an amazing discussion on the importance of charging what you’re worth and how you can change your mindset to feel more comfortable doing so.

“When you undercharge someone what incentive do they have to stick with it?”

Chris shares how important it is to set a goal which inspires you and to just get started. We can’t know all the steps at the beginning so stop planning and get going! Once you are committed to the goal and take the first step you’ll be in a better position to figure out the next step.

Many entrepreneurs start a business to create something special.  They have a gift or skill they want to share with the world through their business and in doing so, they want to create a sense of fulfillment, joy, happiness, and balance in their life.  There’s a sense of peace that comes with creating a successful business. 

Unfortunately, those same business owners are struggling for a variety of reasons.  In many cases, they know what action steps they should be taking but they have difficulty following through.  It’s the gap between what they know they should be doing and what they’re actually doing.

Chris works with entrepreneurs and network marketers on how to close that gap to begin following through the action steps that generate revenue and clients.  Chris helps them build within themselves the future successful self that is worthy of achieving their goals.  When his clients begin operating from that future successful self, success is no longer a guessing game; success becomes guaranteed.

You can contact Chris via LinkedIn. Book a free strategy session with him here. Be sure to mention you found him through his MoneyHeart episode.


Chris wanted to wear a mask for our episode and I thought that was a great idea. My mask stayed on for exactly the length of the recording. As soon as we finished and I tried to take a picture the strap disintegrated (it was 30+ year old elastic) and these were the best pics I could get.

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Money Mantra: "Your self-image sets the boundaries of your financial success."

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