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The Emotional Side of Time

Episode 083

Conrad Ruiz thinks about time a little differently from most. At time of recording he was 26 and his father was 95 years old. His entire life Conrad has felt the pressure of limited time with his “old man”. Several years ago Conrad was diagnosed with a kidney condition which essentially cut his life expectancy in half. After several years in biomedical engineering trying to discover a cure, he really starting thinking about how to maximize all the time he has.

“We are all under this societal pressure that our time is our money and we need to figure out a way to make the most of it.””

In this episode Conrad and I discuss how individuals choose to spend their time and the concept of diminishing returns. We talk in depth about the value of time. Instead of exploring the emotional side of money (this show’s theme) we explore the emotional side of time.

Conrad is the Founder of Well Aware and Co-founder of Intro’d. Conrad studied biomedical engineering after he was made aware that he had only one kidney with multiple cysts. Rather than continue down his path of study, Conrad’s ultimate reflections on struggling with his and his father’s health led him to focus more on time and time management. Conrad loves communicating via email. To reach him you can send an email to


When I asked about costumes Conrad told me he had a unicorn outfit he’d love to wear on the show. Our unicorn costumes absolutely made my day.

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Money Mantra: "Money is time."


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