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Overinvesting & Underearning

Episode 085

Early on Ina’s business was making money but she was investing so much in coaches and courses that she was actually going into debt. The shame she felt from having to ask her husband for money when she could no longer pay her coach made her more determined than ever to figure out how to run a profitable business.

“Once you reach a block, I can’t make it over there, don’t contract. Don’t take steps backwards. Keep moving forward. Now you know what to invest in.”

Ina shares her insights on how to know when it’s time to hire a coach and how to weed through all the marketing messages and figure out what you really want. We also talk about what’s expected from the coaches side so clients know they don’t have to be afraid to show up to the next meeting.

Ina Coveney is a business coach and host of The Global Phenomenon Podcast. She helps up-and-coming online coaches monetize their tiny audience through organic lead generation strategies before they invest time and money in audience growth. Ina reached 6-figures in her business before ever cracking 1,000 followers on any of her platforms, and her mission to help coaches do the same.

If you want to get in touch with Ina just DM her on Instagram @yourengagementcoach.

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Ina thought she wasn’t going to dress up so I went with a Guardians of the Galaxy inspired Starlord costume. When we got on video together it turned out she had found an astronaut’s helmet right before the show. Great minds think alike!

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