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Sales Made Easy

Episode 089

When most people think about a sales person, they cringe. Kevin Hayler is trying to change all that from the ground up. He wants to make being a salesperson a respected and sought after career that moms everywhere can say with pride when they brag about their children. In this episode titled after Kevin’s company, “Sales Made Easy” we talk about what a quality sales professional brings to the table and the foundations of becoming a quality sales professional.

“Simplistically, build relationships with people. Build trust with people.”

Kevin teaches that only by focusing on the prospects needs, building trust, and solving their problems can we be truly effective at sales. He graciously shares his “Seven foundations on which to build your success in sales.”

ONE: Activity
TWO: Engage
THREE: Question
FOUR: Listen
FIVE: Know
SIX: Solve

You can download a copy of this list along with the details of each foundation on Kevin’s website While you’re there you can check out his memberships. The free level gives you access to the forum, podcasts, webinars, tips, guides, and training courses!

Kevin Hayler the Founder and CEO of Sales Made Easy. To get in touch with Kevin you can email him at or find him on LinkedIn.


For this episode Kevin is wearing his logo gear, as any salesperson would. I chose a fortune teller costume figuring every sales person would love to have a crystal ball to help them get to the root of their prospects problem so they can help in the best way possible.

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