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12 Tenets of Abundance

Episode 090

I am where I am and that’s ok is just one of Nichole Jones’ 12 tenets of abundance. In this episode of MoneyHeart she shares them all (and two extras) to help us advance in our journeys to create the future we desire.

"Money doesn’t solve money problems."

After being stuck in the cycle of thinking “I just need ___” Nichole chose to break free and change her thinking about money and abundance. She has compiled a list of the concepts which have helped her the most and uses these concepts to help her clients ease into the flow of abundance rather than always fighting against the current.

Nichole’s 12+2 tenets of abundance are…

  1. Money doesn’t solve money problems.
  2. I am where I am and that is ok.
  3. Don’t focus on reality!
  4. Living within your means is an act of self-love.
  5. Money doesn’t define your worthiness, neither does debt.
  6. Act as if and feel like you will feel if you have money. Visualize and feel.
  7. Money is prana (life force energy), it needs to flow.
  8. Gratitude is the ultimate state of receivership. 
  9. Feel all of your feelings, avoid spiritual bypassing.
  10. Manifestation responds to vibration.
  11. Is this an upper limit problem?
  12. Your outer world reflects your inner world.
  13. I am 100% responsible for my results.
  14. Get curious.


You can download a copy of the 12 tenets at

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When searching for a costume Nichole found a red wig. I had a white one I’d never worn on the show before so we decided to go with those. We weren’t sure what the theme would be until I asked my husband what movie character I could be with a long white wig and he said Storm from X-Men. I found a suitable superhero-esque top and texted a picture to Nichole. She was able to match perfectly as Jean Grey for our recording.

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Money Mantra: "I am where I am and that is ok."


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