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Leaving Legacies not Liabilities

Episode 091

When Kimberly talks to her clients about the importance of preparing for their financial future it’s not just something she read in a book, it’s something she’s lived. Kimberly watched her grandmother build a financial empire of rental properties and businesses only to have it slowly whittled away by the expenses of caring for her mother, her brother, and her husband. Ultimately, by the time she needed the money to care for herself there wasn’t much left and she ended up living with family instead.

“After X time, maybe 2 years in, hey, I can’t really afford $6k a month.”

In this episode Kimberly shares her family story of having wealth but not being able to pass it on to the next generation because of lingering illness. We teach the rule of 72 and discuss the many benefits of life insurance as a wealth protecting and wealth building building tool.

Kimberly talks about the week she found search results for 780,000 posts on GoFundMe requesting help with final expenses just within the US. We talk about how many families use GoFundMe to cover final expenses for their loved ones and how this could be so easily changed through even a small life insurance policy.

Kimberly is a licensed financial educator, who teaches individuals what’s not taught in school. She can be reached through her Link Tree at


Kimberly loves beer and volunteering at her local Oktoberfest. She received a free hat while volunteering once and asked if we could build our theme around it. I was excited to give this one a go as I had never done an Oktoberfest costume on the show before.

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