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Emotional Spending

Episode 093

When Erin Gore teaches the basics of personal finance she starts with a discussion on needs, wants, and values. When we know our values we can make decisions about our personal finances without frustration, shame, or guilt.

“We can’t make this one size fits all for personal finance.”

In this episode Erin teaches that our finances are personal so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. She coaches on the basics of how finances work so individuals can make their own choices about how they want to spend and save their money.

Erin Gore is the founder of Cheers to Financial Freedom, a company that focuses on teaching the fundamental basics of personal finance so you can achieve financial freedom, no matter your lifestyle.

Founded in 2021, after being an Economics and Personal Finance teacher in the public schools, Erin found a huge disconnect from adults on the true fundamentals of personal finance. She decided at that time to make it her life mission to change the conversation about personal finance and help anyone, regardless of age, find freedom when it comes to their personal finance situation.

Erin received her BS in Marketing from Arizona State University and her Masters in Education from Regent University.  Currently, Erin teaches on Outschool, BurnAlong, and through her own private business, Cheers to Financial Freedom.

If you’d like to get in touch with Erin you can send her an email at She’s most active on Instagram and you can follow her @cheerstofinancialfreedom.


Inspired by the movie, Free Guy, I decided to go as Blue Shirt Gal for this episode’s costume. Of course I donned my sunglasses so I could see all of the hidden features and bonus levels.

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Money Mantra: "You can change your conversation around emotions in regards to personal finance."


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