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Shifting Your Reality

Episode 094

During our initial discussion to plan this episode Jacqy and I discovered we had both held and removed the same limiting belief around money. We always had enough, but we never had extra. We would both put off doing fun activities or buying things we needed to replace because we felt we couldn’t afford them. For both of us, this lack mindset stemmed from childhood events. Independently from each other, we each went through the process of identifying and clearing this block to move forward into an abundance mindset.

“Awareness is the key to all change.”

Throughout this episode Jacqy teaches how to identify and begin to clear limiting beliefs. She emphasizes the importance of our words and how we create our reality with our words and thoughts. She not only explains the importance of being aware of our current thoughts, but how critical it is to decide what program you would like to run instead. If you don’t ask for what you want, you won’t get it.

One of the most helpful tools is when Jacqy walks me through an anxiety protocol during the show. It only took about a minute and it really worked! My thoughts and my attitude around the money issue I chose completely changed. I’ll be returning to this exercise regularly.

Jacqy is a Mindset Coach and Transformational Trainer. She worked as a High School English and History Teacher for 16 years before discovering the untapped power and potential of the unconscious mind and completing a set of intense trainings in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy (TLT) and NLP Coaching.

After experiencing the tools herself as a client, she went from being a depressed, anxious, people pleasing perfectionist on the edge of burnout to an empowered, perfectly imperfect Coach and Transformational Trainer who is on a mission to help others step into their power and light up the world.

You can connect with Jacqy on LinkedIn ( and on Instagram @jacqystewart.coaching ( Sign up for her upcoming training on her website 


Jacqy says our words are like casting a spell. Whatever we ask for is what will come back to us. Therefore, she requested a fairy costume for this episode. I was excited to put one together and my daughter was kind enough to allow me to borrow her wings.

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Money Mantra: "What you focus on grows. Language is important, so be aware of what you are telling yourself - instead of I have enough, switch it to I have more than enough to live an abundant life."


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