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Creating Prosperity

Episode 095

Wealth to Andrea was defined by what she had. Money in the bank, assets, the ability to buy anything she needed or wanted. She thought working hard would create fulfilling results, so she worked tirelessly towards what she thought was prosperity. It took death for her to fully redefine what it meant to be prosperous in life and to fully step into abundance.

“When you have nothing you can create anything.”

In this episode author and coach Andrea Blindt shares the story of how she dissolved her limiting beliefs and replaced them with empowering ones. We touch on values, making money decisions, what money can’t do, and what money can do. During our discussion, she provides us ways we can reframe the conversations in our head to lead ourselves towards the future we truly want to create.

Andrea Blindt (N-drey-uh) is a Registered nurse, holistic health practitioner, best-selling author, and life & mindset coach. Andrea empowers her clients through her own personal healing journey. She helps her clients create wealth by amplifying their health. She supports patients as they discover ways to enhance prosperity in their lives, by reclaiming their power, advocating for what is in their best interest, and learning the tools needed to be able to make decisions for themselves that are in alignment with their beliefs. This allows her patients to create abundance, experience tranquility, and live life with clear intention.

Connect with Andrea on instagram @andreablindt or by email her at You can find information on her new book, “Prosperity Codes” and schedule a free 15 minute connection call on her website

To download the free Abundance Journal we mentioned in the show (and a whole bunch of other free stuff) visit


Andrea suggested a women’s baseball theme with “A League of Their Own” style costumes. We both jumped on Amazon and purchased the appropriate costumes. It was over 3 weeks until we recorded and neither of us had received our costumes. I decided to pinch-hit with a sweatshirt, braids, and a cap.

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Money Mantra: "Stop working for money and start letting money work for you!"


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