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Knowing Your Worth

Episode 097

Reagan Hatch and Caron Cooper have something rare, a business partnership which actually works! They say it’s because each one has faith in the other and they have excellent communication. In this episode we discuss how they developed their pricing model and established the worth of their business within their industry. We talk about how sometimes it can feel weird for new entrepreneurs to share their pricing with prospective clients and how these two overcame that awkwardness.

“It wasn’t any harder to get business than it was before… maybe even easier because we weren’t underpriced.” - Reagan Hatch

On the show we talk about how they launched their company with a done in a week for $500 website offer. As they raised their prices they didn’t stress over the amount because they continued to add education, training, and additional services with each price increase.

“We’re trying to add a lot of value.” - Caron Cooper

Reagan’s career in sales began in her teens where she eventually developed a talent for seeing where a company could expand and growing a customer base. The ability to develop solid and lasting relationships has naturally led her to a career in marketing where she gleefully gets to realize her creative side too. She is the co-founder of two successful marketing brands and loves every minute of it!

Reagan can be reached by emailing

Caron has a background in graphic and web design, journalism, photography and video production. She graduated with a Television/Radio/Film degree and started her career in the entertainment industry. She even contributed to the development of a half-hour comedy that was sold to MTV.

To get in contact with Caron, reach out through their company website at

Follow them on Instagram at @CTMHgroup.


Caron and Reagan definitely wanted to do costumes but they weren’t sure what theme to choose. After about a week they came back to me with the RBG (Ruth Bater Ginsburg) concept. I think we all pulled it off fabulously!

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Money Mantras:

"You are a money magnet." - Reagan Hatch

"Spend extravagantly on the things you love, and cut costs mercilessly on the things you don’t." - Caron Cooper


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