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Failing Forward

Episode 098

When Andrei and I first started met we bonded quickly over stories of failed businesses past. I invited him to share his experience on the show and ended up sharing some of mine as well. In this episode, Andrei Stoleriu shares how he and his parents started a business from scratch, did very well, and then failed. We get into all the truth about how it feels to fail at business and investments and how we changed our mindsets and kept moving forward.

“We didn’t have any business courses, business experience, nothing!"

Andrei went to college to study finance and banking and ended up falling in love with acting and pursuing an acting career. He now runs Explicat Studio and his company builds promotional videos for businesses. Listen in as we talk about all the twists, turns, and wildly inaccurate expectations we had as budding entrepreneurs and our transformations to much more sustainably successful business owners today.

To get in touch with Andrei you can email him Visit his website to see samples of the many types of videos, in various languages, that he builds for companies around the world.


As a professionally trained actor, it was important to Andrei that our costumes had meaning. He chose for us to go “naked” by wearing a suit jacket with nothing under it to show the vulnerability of being an entrepreneur. Under all the fancy exterior, it’s still just you working hard to make the business successful.

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Money Mantra:

"The monkey will pick the banana instead of money."


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