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Playful Money Energy

Episode 108

In her Reiki practice Devin teaches that the spirt world loves joy and playful energy. When we focus too much on the “I need to make money” thought we are damming the flow of that energy and slowing our money energy to a trickle.

When we are open to abundance we realize that it will show up in all areas, including money. In this episode Devin and I discuss letting go of limiting beliefs and she shares some practical ways she’s implemented these concepts of playful money energy in her own life.

Devin reminds us that the universal energy isn’t vindictive and doesn’t hold grudges, so we can implement this new way of thinking and change our future at any time. Join us and test this new mindset for yourself!


“Now when I go out I think, I have space in my budget for this, but is this something I want to make space in my budget for?”

- Devin Grindrod


About Devin Grindrod

Devin Grindrod is a Reiki Master and Evidential Psychic Medium.

Devin is a strong advocate for empowerment and whole-person healing. She received her B.A. in Psychology and is currently working as an evidential psychic medium and Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Devin’s mission is to help women overcome self-limiting beliefs and learn to trust in the power of their own inner knowing.

Devin’s website is or find her on TikTok and Instagram @spirituallybalanced.

Money Mantra:

"I live in a constant state of abundance where money flows easily and effortlessly to me and through me."

- Devin Grindrod


Some of what she does feels like magic so Devin chose a wizard costume as the theme for our episode. When we got on zoom we discovered we both had the same hat! So much fun.

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