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How to Make an Impact

Episode 109

Robert spent 10 years traveling the world and working as a missionary. During his travels he learned many important lessons. One was that smiles and hugs translate into any language. Another was the fact that we need money to make an impact in the world. Robert came across many missionaries who believed they needed to give away all the money that came to them and that sacrifice was required to be righteous.

Robert realized the more money he had the more he could affect change in the world. In this episode he shares how he came to this conclusion and how he’s built a business based on teaching other entrepreneurs to do the same.


“Don't act in fear. Don't use money in fear. Money is meant to work.”

- Robert Peterson


About Robert Peterson

Robert Peterson is a podcaster, author, speaker and the Smiling Entrepreneur Coach. Here are a couple of links to Robert’s podcast and book as well as the best places to contact him.

Robert’s podcast episode with Mike Michalowicz:

Robert’s Book, The Entrepreneur Mindset $hift: Growth Characteristics of Success:

Add Value 2 Life website:

Connect with Robert on LinkedIn:

Money Mantra:

"You need more money to make a bigger impact."

- Robert Peterson


Robert knew right away that he wanted to wear his smiling emoji hat and shirt. He’s devoted his business and life to helping entrepreneurs smile every day. I loved the emoji concept and found this really fun hat which made me smile.

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