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The Fortune is in the Follow-Up

Episode 110

We’ve all had an unpleasant experience with a sales person who made us feel like we wanted to run away and join the witness protection program to get away from them. Somehow, when many of us start a business we suddenly become that sales person because we’ve never had training or been exposed to a better way. In this episode Follow-up Boss, Bethany George, talks about how to generate more sales and higher dollar sales through relationship building. What’s even better is she teaches us how to do it without getting burned out.


"Stop treating them like prey and start treating them like a partner."

-Bethany George


About Bethany George

From a very young age Bethany has been an entrepreneur. Achieving early success going door to door selling candy bars for band and cookies for the girl scouts. That early success came from her own tenacity, and something else that is often overlooked. The relationships she had with neighbors, friends and local businesses.

As an adult, struggling to understand the secrets to sales success, she realized that underlying all success is a solid network of interpersonal relationships. Bethany has since expanded on that idea to unlock the secrets to accelerating business growth, creating powerful partnerships, and simplifying the sales process.

Follow Up with Bethany on her website and connect with her on social media @thefollowupboss.


The CRM I mentioned in this episode and use personally is Less Annoying CRM. You can access their website here:

Money Mantra:

"The size of the obstacle is based purely on your perspective. If it looks too big, get a different perspective."

-Bethany George


In our first meeting Bethany and I quickly discovered we both have a love of costumes and corsets. We quickly agreed on a pirate theme for this episode and I used the opportunity to don a green pirate look which I hadn’t worn before.

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