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Taking the Risk

Episode 114

Not too long ago Jen Vellenga (Jen V) and Jennifer Rettele-Thomas (JRT) started a company dedicated to helping women speak with presence as a side hustle. Then after a few months, they decided to take a big risk. They chose to resign from their steady, stable, university jobs and make their side hustle their main gig.

In this episode, Jen V shares what it was like to take such a risk (yes, there was last minute panicking involved) and how they knew it would be worth it. She talks about her supportive husband and a few others who were much less supportive.

We also chat about what it’s like to be an entrepreneur, the power of partnerships, and quantum leaps. Join us!


"You learn along the way. Your clients teach you what you offer."

-Jen V


About Jen V

Jen Vellenga, Co-Founder of Voice First World.  Former professor of theatre, academic leader, stage director, and speaking coach turned entrepreneur.

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Money Mantra:

"I don't have one, but my mom always said, 'It's only money.' That is stuck in my head for better or worse. LOL"

-Jen V


Jen’s big concept for starting Voice First World was to help women speak with presence without being perfect. When she told me about her “Perfection is Overrated” t-shirt I decided to use that as the costume theme for this episode.

Then, because irony loves me, I forgot to take a pic while in costume and had to pull a screenshot from our video recording. Genius.

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