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Video Marketing on a Budget

Episode 084

Video marketing is continuing to grow and many business owners feel they need to get on the video bandwagon to keep up. Unfortunately they often feel confused and uncertain about what videos to create and what would be best for their business. Video marketing expert, Anush Mnatsakanyan, helps make video marketing simple. In this episode she explains the basic types of videos and shares tips on how to get started.

“It’s the video which explains and which helps the customers to understand how they can get any kind of solution from this company.”

Anush teaches us the difference between types of videos like explainers, promos, and guides. She helps us understand why a company should never start a marketing video with their logo. She also teaches us how to get comfortable on camera if we’re a bit nervous to do so.

Anush Mnatsakanyan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Burnwe, a video marketing agency. Burnwe specializes in creating digital videos of all types and formats: from animated explainers to app tutorials, demo videos, and social media ads. With Anush’s leadership, today Burnwe cooperates with various international IT companies and startups from all over the world.

She is an expert in the video marketing industry consulting and helping tech companies to develop an effective video marketing strategy and successfully market online. Anush and Burnwe combine the best practices of video production and video marketing to give companies exposure and results.

You can contact Anush via email: or Linkedin. She has a vlog with video marketing tips for entrepreneurs on YouTube.



Anush requested we dress as doctors for our recording. I love that costume and was excited to do a different one from the doctor costume I did in Episode 042.

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