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Flip the Script

Episode 100

Almost at a loss for words when trying to say something about this episode. Episode 100!!! I can hardly believe all the amazing stories and learning that have come out of creating and producing the MoneyHeart podcast for the past couple of years. For this very special episode I’ve asked my friend, mentor, and former MoneyHeart guest, Peter Biadasz, to interview me. He got to make up all the questions and I had no idea what they would be going into the recording session.

"Peter: We'll start off with an easy question. What is the meaning of life?

Camille: 42"

If you got that joke your nerd game is at least as strong as mine and I’m impressed. If you didn’t get it and want to level up, you can read about that answer HERE. Peter and I have a great time on this show and it will probably remain one of my favorite episodes. I hope you enjoy it as well.

The positive feedback I get from listeners and the stories you tell me about how various episodes have impacted your lives is really what keeps me going. Thank you all so much and stay tuned for Season 3!

PS: For those keeping track and paying attention to details like I do without even trying… in the show I said Peter’s episode was 016. I was wrong. It was actually Episode 014, Making the Best Out of the Worst.

Peter’s company is called Total Publishing and Media. You can get in touch with him through LinkedIn: and Facebook:


Episode 016 was Transparency During the Aging Process with Cheryl Doyle. Access all 100 episodes HERE.



Peter Biadasz chose the vacation theme for this episode. The show will be on summer break until Fall 2022 when we’ll pick back up with episode 101. We’re already recording and I’m looking forward to sharing all the new shows with you!

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Money Mantra:

"Why do I attract so much money?"


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